Flight Simulator

FAA Approved Cirrus Simulator

Practice everything from the basics to specific IFR departures and approaches

Key Features

Our in-house flight simulator boasts the best replica of a Cirrus cockpit available:

  • FAA approved Advanced Training Device (AATD)
  • 3 x 65″ screens provide a fully immersive wrap around 270 degree view
  • Enhanced graphics for a lifelike experience
  • Garmin based software for better operator system understanding
  • TorqueSim controls for real time feedback and life-like training
  • Includes the latest avionics suite​ on the G6 Cirrus
  • 45ft/lb CAPS Simulator – physically practice CAPS pulls (yes, we can now practice CAPS pulls together!)

Our new Advanced Training Device (AATD) status unlocks more training possibilities:

  • Count 20 hours towards Instrument Rating (IFR) certification
  • Conduct full Instrument Proficiency Checks (IPCs)
  • Master all VFR maneuvers, even pattern work

Let’s Fly!

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