Jonathan Lucas

B.A., Professional Aeronautics,

My passion for flying developed long before I can remember. My grandfather, a retired bird colonel from the U.S. Air Force, would take me flying on weekends in his 1940’s Navion. I have fond memories departing Van Nuys with him to get breakfast at airfields all across California, and so I had the honor of learning to fly from a 40,000 hour combat pilot! I’m sure this was highly influential in my decision in joining the California Air National Guard, serving 6 years as an Air Transport Journeymen, with the 146th Airlift Wing based at Point Mugu.

I concurrently attended Embry-Riddle University where I received a Bachelor’s in Professional Aviation, graduating on the Dean’s list and Honor roll. Shortly after I attended the Delta Connection Academy in Florida. I was among the first students to receive training under the newly implemented ‘scenario-based’ FAA FITS Private-Instrument and Commercial training programs. This form of training syllabus forms the backbone of all Cirrus Standardized Training today.

Once I recognized my passion to help others experience the joy of flight, I dedicated myself to creating a different type of flight school: one that was committed to providing a superlative training experience by combining exceptional and passionate instructors, the most capable, meticulously maintained aircraft, and our spectacular Southern California weather.

Whether you’re pursuing your dream to fly, or are ready to step up to try out a spectacular new Cirrus aircraft, my team and I will do everything possible to make CalAir feel like home.

—Jonathan Lucas

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