CalAir Newsletter May 2019 – New Team Members

Hey Everyone!

It’s been a short while since we’ve checked in with you all. I’m sure you’re all happy to be out of the rainy season and looking forward to getting some flying done as much as we are. It’s no secret that flight schools, one and all, are short on CFI’s; we’ve been no exception. But the tide has turned and with the downtime we’ve had this past wet season, we’ve been able to recruit and bring in some tremendously talented individuals.

Check out our newest team members!

Chris Goff
Chris has been a pilot for 17 years and has been instructing for 11. He learned to fly right here at home at KHHR. He instructs with CalAir on the weekends and evenings while holding a technical leadership role at a Fortune 500 company. His instruction philosophy is to try and create an environment of safety and trust and allow students to make mistakes; it’s the best way to learn. Chris is always honing the art of flight instruction, continuously researching new techniques and learning from other CFI’s. He feels that you can’t go wrong choosing to fly a Cirrus to any of the dozens of great local airports in California—and beyond.


Paul Manley
Paul is a retired Colonel from the Air Force and has spent 30 years in commercial aviation acquiring over 14,000 hrs. of flight time. He’s recently re-joined the GA forces flying 172’s, Piper Arrows, and now the Cirrus with CalAir. His philosophy is to create a relaxed training atmosphere where the student doesn’t feel pressured which fosters a willingness and desire to learn. Paul currently lives in Manhattan Beach near his daughter and son in law and his two grandchildren. His hobbies include spending time with his 4 children and 6 grandchildren, keeping up with current events and novels, going to the gym, and hanging out at the beach.


Tony Pazzulla
Tony is also an independent CSIP as well as flying with us here at CalAir. Tony is fascinated with embracing the mind’s natural ability to learn. Tony believes that every person’s own individual life experiences translate into how they learn and understanding them is fundamental to providing great flight instruction. He feels that ‘failing’ along the way is a natural part of the learning process and fixing of these shortcomings is what creates an immersive and truly transformational learning experience.



Dave Wellnitz
Dave has over 2,400 hours of flight time including 2,000+ hours of dual given. Dave holds his CFII as well as his MEI and spent many years at Oxford Aviation training pilots from across Europe. Dave feels that learning to fly in today’s technologically advanced aircraft like a Cirrus takes flight training to a whole new level, while providing unparalleled enjoyment and a sense of accomplishment. In Dave’s witty dry sense of humor, he often says, “If you feel the need for speed, let me take you up in the Ferrari of the skies!”

As we continue to grow our fleet and our fabulous team, we’re honored to have you on board the CalAir family. Call us today to keep your aviation dream alive!

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