CalAir Flight School

SoCal’s premier Cirrus Platinum Certified Training Center

CalAir Aviation is SoCal’s premier Cirrus Platinum Certified Training Center. Dive into the world of aviation with our
comprehensive flight lessons, pursue your private pilot license, or explore advanced certifications.

Flight Lessons

Achieve your aviation dreams with flight lessons and packages from CalAir. Learn in SoCal’s most advanced fleet of Gen 6 Cirrus Aircraft including our all-new G6 SR22T Carbon. All training is conducted one-on-one, around your schedule, and at your leisure.

We also have SoCal’s only G6 Perspective & FAA approved flight simulator to help get you in the skies.

Your CalAir Experience:

  • Convenient Flight Lessons and Packages
  • Private Pilot Licenses (PPL) training
  • FAA approved flight simulator
  • Fast, safe and advanced Cirrus aircraft
  • Experienced flight instructors

Prices start from:

  • Intro Flight Lessons – $1,325
  • Private Pilot Licenses – $30,875

Prices subject to change.

Intro Lessons

Ready to finally make your life-long dream of flying a reality? Do it with Introductory Flight Lessons from CalAir.

For only $1,325, you’ll begin your flying experience in a new Cirrus SR20—one of the most modern, technologically advanced aircraft in the sky today! You’ll be guided every step of the way by our professional instructors who care about one thing: making you a safe and confident Private Pilot.

In two individual sessions you will be able to log the following:

  • Flight instruction with a certified instructor
  • 2 hours of simulator training time
  • Ground instruction
  • 1.5 hours of flight time in a Cirrus SR20

Introductory Flight Lesson Package – $1,325

Stop dreaming and start flying!

Terms: Only available to first time Student Pilots. Limit one course per Student Pilot. Not applicable to student pilots who have taken their first lesson at CalAir in the Private Pilot Course. Prices are subject to change.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What planes do you have in your fleet for flight lessons?

We are a Cirrus Platinum Certified Training Center and fly exclusively in Cirrus Aircraft.

Why Cirrus?

Cirrus represents the peak in luxury, performance, and safety, featuring advanced systems like the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS).

Do you offer commercial, career or cadet training?

No, we are not a “career or cadet” flight training facility. We focus on the individual aviation hobbyist or enthusiast.

Do you offer financial assistance?

Sorry, we do not offer or accept grants, loans or student financing.

Can you help issue M1 or other student visas?

We have international clients who are eligible and approved to train with a basic TSA checkout.

How many instructors are assigned to your students?

All training is conducted one-on-one, around your schedule and at your leisure.

What type of license training do you offer?

We can help out with any license that is obtainable in a Cirrus Aircraft. We specialize in and primarily focus on; Private, Instrument, Commercial and Cirrus Transition Training.

What type of simulator do you have?

We have a Cirrus G6 Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD) that is FAA approved and can expedite your learning on the ground before heading into the skies. Flight simulators that mirror your in-flight experience help build familiarity with the plane, avionics, and build muscle memory for both standard and emergency procedures. You also have the opportunity to practice things that are not possible during a real world flight, such as emergency procedures or rehearsing a flight to an unfamiliar airport.

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