Frequently Asked Questions

CalAir Aviation is SoCal’s premier Cirrus Platinum Certified Training Center. Dive into the world of aviation with our comprehensive flight lessons, pursue your private pilot license, or explore advanced certifications.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Cirrus?

Cirrus represents the peak in luxury, performance, and safety, featuring advanced systems like the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS).

What planes do you have in your fleet for flight lessons?

We are a Cirrus Platinum Certified Training Center and fly exclusively in Cirrus Aircraft.

Our facility has California’s largest fleet of all-Cirrus Gen 6 aircraft, featuring SR20, SR22, and SR22T models.

Private Pilot License: What's so special about Cirrus Standardized training?

Our structured Cirrus scenario-based syllabi and modern, interactive instructional materials ensure that you’ll acquire the same critical decision-making skills and proficiency that professional airline pilots have.

That said, some of the most prestigious pilot training programs including the Air Force Academy, UND, Purdue, and some legacy airlines, all start their zero time cadets in Cirrus aircraft. If they’ve taken to the Cirrus platform for initial training, why shouldn’t you?

Private Pilot License: How long will it take?

Our program generally includes 150 hours of hands on training to ensure your safety and success.

The national average to earn a Private License is from 65-70 hours of flight time with an additional 20 hours of dedicated ground instruction though most schools quote the unrealistic FAA minimums of 40 hours.

Through CalAir’s structured, scenario-based training, your dedicated Training Center Instructor Pilot will work alongside you to achieve your goal within this time frame. While there are extenuating factors that may impact this duration, the averages tend to hold true when the student pilot makes the appropriate effort.

Private Pilot License: How much will I need to invest?

An approximate price breakdown to earn a Private License in our state of the art, technically-advanced Cirrus SR20 looks like the following:

55 hours of Flight Time: $17,875
10 hours of Sim time: $1,250
65 hours of Dual Flight (with Instructor): $7,800
20 hours of Ground Instruction: $2,400
Pilot Supplies/Online Courses: $1,550
Approximate Total: $30,875

Advanced Certification: How much will I need to invest?

While the students’ active and consistent participation is generally the most important factor to completion, normal approximate costs for an Instrument ‘add-on’ rating are as follows:

10 hours of Flight Time in Cirrus SR20 Aircraft: $3,450
20 hours Sim time: $3,300
25 hours of Dual Flight Instruction: $3,000
20 hours of Dual Ground Instruction: $2,400
Approximate Total: $12,150

Transition and Currency Courses: How does renting work after completing a transition or license?

All aircraft on CalAir’s flight line are available for rent once the pilot completes a Cirrus approved transition course. Approved renters are allowed to rent aircraft utilizing the online scheduler and are able to self dispatch. There is a 3hr daily minimum per every 24hr period that the renter takes the aircraft that may be waived upon prior approval.

Transition and Currency Courses: How do CalAir’s rental prices compare to others?

CalAir’s pricing structure is as simple as it can be; all students and pilots are offered absolute best set pricing on a pay as you go basis. We do not employ any gimmicks or “money grabbers” in offering block rates or requiring membership fees.

Our rates are highly competitive for offering only the newest available from Cirrus both in the local and national markets. Contact us for a detailed price comparison.

Transition and Currency Courses: Is renters insurance required?

Yes. CalAir is a fully insured rental and flight training facility to the extent possible. However, what similar business’s generally withhold from the renter (or solo’ing student) is that in the event of an accident the company’s insurance policy is allowed to subrogate. We make sure that all our pilots are fully protected.

Do you offer commercial, career or cadet training?

No, we are not a “career or cadet” flight training facility. We focus on the individual aviation hobbyist or enthusiast.

Do you offer financial assistance?

Sorry, we do not offer or accept grants, loans or student financing.

Can you help issue M1 or other student visas?

We have international clients who are eligible and approved to train with a basic TSA checkout.

How many instructors are assigned to your students?

All training is conducted one-on-one, around your schedule and at your leisure.

What type of license training do you offer?

We can help out with any license that is obtainable in a Cirrus Aircraft. We specialize in and primarily focus on; Private, Instrument, Commercial and Cirrus Transition Training.

What type of simulator do you have?

We have a Cirrus G6 Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD) that is FAA approved and can expedite your learning on the ground before heading into the skies. Flight simulators that mirror your in-flight experience help build familiarity with the plane, avionics, and build muscle memory for both standard and emergency procedures. You also have the opportunity to practice things that are not possible during a real world flight, such as emergency procedures or rehearsing a flight to an unfamiliar airport.

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