CalAir Aviation is Los Angeles’ debut Cirrus Training Center and Cirrus rental facility

CalAir Jet Center
Based out of Hawthorne Airport (KHHR), we specialize explicitly in the ultra-safe, innovative, and technologically advanced Cirrus Aircraft. We offer flight training for a variety of ratings and certificates, including Cirrus transition courses. Our training center is built on a strong foundation that structure and knowledge is an absolute necessity in developing superior piloting skills. Our instructional staff is standardized in Cirrus make aircraft and has the patience and perseverance to work diligently with any student pilot, on any topic, and through any plateau. We cordially invite you to come take a look and experience why CalAir is home to most Los Angeles based Cirrus pilots. Call and make an appointment today!
Why CalAir
With the multitude of training, sales, and aircraft management locations within Los Angeles, it can be confusing as to who can best fit your needs. There’s no need to look any further, we’re your Cirrus one-stop-shop in Los Angeles. We’re here to cater to your aviation needs, goals, and dreams.
With the most centralized location in Los Angeles, we truly are LA’s exclusive Cirrus Training Center. Two and a half (2.5) miles southeast from LAX, where the 405 and 105 freeways meet, you’ll find Jack Northrop, Hawthorne Airport—Los Angeles’s fastest-growing GA airport. Hosting such companies such as Tesla and Space X, Hawthorne is LA’s most progressive and innovative flight environment. Also, quite excitingly, Hawthorne is one of the few “aviation friendly” airports left. With no departure curfews, landing fees, or other unnecessary restrictions, aviation is welcome to thrive.
With CalAir, you’re flying the most exquisite aircraft general aviation has to offer, why not fly it out of the nicest general aviation facilities to offer? Our thoughts exactly, that’s why we’ve set up shop at the Jet Center LA! With the rapid growth of Hawthorne airport, it’s an FBO like no other. Make use of the pilot’s briefing area/lounge, have guest relax in the terminal and watch up close aircraft in action, or grab a bite at Eureka tasting kitchen, the only acclaimed Gastro pub at a general aviation airport in Los Angeles.
Staff and Services
At CalAir, quality is paramount. Our aircraft are meticulously maintained and by only Cirrus Certified mechanics at Kim Davidson Aviation, L.A.’s largest and only Cirrus certified maintenance center. Our instructional staff is hand-selected and standardized per Cirrus factory designed flight operations and held to the highest expectations possible. Our training procedures and policies are derived from only the safest and newest in practice, as well as our syllabus and training materials. Not only do we work directly with the industry’s leaders when it comes to sales and acquisitions, either new or used Cirrus sales, but our aircraft management practices have set a standard yet to be matched.
Jonathan Lucas CalAir

Jonathan Lucas, CEO

B.A., Professional Aeronautics, Cirrus CSIP, CFI, CFII

My passion for flying developed long before I can remember. My grandfather, a retired bird colonel from the U.S. Air Force, would take me flying on weekends in his 1940’s Navion. I have fond memories departing Van Nuys with him to get breakfast at airfields all across California, and so I had the honor of learning to fly from a 40,000 hour combat pilot! I’m sure this was highly influential in my decision in joining the California Air National Guard, serving 6 years as an Air Transport Journeymen, with the 146th Airlift Wing based at Point Mugu.

I concurrently attended Embry-Riddle University where I received a Bachelor’s in Professional Aviation, graduating on the Dean’s list and Honor roll. Shortly after I attended the Delta Connection Academy in Florida. I was among the first students to receive training under the newly implemented ‘scenario-based’ FAA FITS Private-Instrument and Commercial training programs. This form of training syllabus forms the backbone of all Cirrus Standardized Training today.

Once I recognized my passion to help others experience the joy of flight, I dedicated myself to creating a different type of flight school: one that was committed to providing a superlative training experience by combining exceptional and passionate instructors, the most capable, meticulously maintained aircraft, and our spectacular Southern California weather.

Whether you’re pursuing your dream to fly, or are ready to step up to try out a spectacular new Cirrus aircraft, my team and I will do everything possible to make CalAir feel like home.


At CalAir, our instructors aren’t your run-of-the-mill CFI.

Every Instructor pilot must successfully complete a Cirrus Standardized course designed explicitly for Instructors known as a TCI Course or Training Center Instructor. TCI’s must also comply with 6-month recurrence checks in order to teach and fly at CalAir. All TCI training is overseen and signed off by the training center’s designated CSIP.

What does this mean for you?

This ensures that all CFI’s that you fly with at CalAir are well aware of and fly by Cirrus factory standards and operating procedures. So, although not CSIP’s per se, all TCI’s are properly trained and can endorse and sign off your Cirrus transition courses or comply with any insurance training requirements.