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As a Cirrus Certified Training Center, CalAir offers advanced transition and training courses from Initial Transition certification to Avionics ‘differences’ training.

Certifications Available at CalAir

Private Pilot Licenses (PPL)

Private Pilot Licenses (PPL)

With a Private Pilot certificate, you’ll be able to fly any aircraft within the US, day or night.

Our Cirrus Standardized training features interactive instructional materials that ensure you’ll acquire the same critical decision-making skills and proficiency that professional airline pilots have.

Our program generally includes 150 hours of hands on training to ensure your safety and success.


Starting at $30,875



Enhance your Private Pilot license with an Instrument Rating from CalAir, enabling you to navigate through inclement weather, clouds, and the marine layer.

Our Cirrus-designed training sharpens your IFR flight skills for safety and prepares you for a Commercial Pilot’s license. With professional guidance, progress at your own pace to meet FAA requirements and secure your Instrument Rating.


Starting at $12,150

Currency Courses

Transition and Currency Courses

Get advanced certifications for everything from inclement weather and rain to SoCal’s infamous ‘Marine Layer’.

As a Cirrus Certified Platinum Training Center, we provide factory-certified courses from initial to advanced Transition, including Avionics Differences training.


Starting at $3,500

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