Get Your Private Pilot License (PPL)

CalAir Aviation is SoCal’s premier Cirrus Platinum Certified Training Center. Earn your Private Pilot License and gain the freedom to fly in the US, day or night. Our Cirrus Standardized training delivers 150 hours of comprehensive instruction to ensure proficiency and safety in the skies.

Private Pilot License

With a Private Pilot certificate, you’ll be able to fly any appropriate aircraft within the US, day or night, and with or without passengers.

Our Cirrus Standardized training features interactive instructional materials that ensure you’ll acquire the same critical decision-making skills and proficiency as taught in major professional pilot programs.

Our program generally includes 150 hours of hands-on training to ensure your safety and success.

What’s special about Cirrus Standardized training?
Our structured, scenario-based Cirrus training and interactive materials ensure you develop the critical decision-making skills and proficiency

Top-flight programs such as the Air Force Academy, UND, Purdue, and several legacy airlines begin their training with Cirrus aircraft. If these prestigious institutions choose Cirrus for initial pilot training, it’s clear why you should too.

Cirrus Partner Training Center


The national average to earn a Private License is 65-70 hours of flight time with an additional 20 hours of dedicated ground instruction, despite most schools quoting the unrealistic FAA minimums of 40 hours. At CalAir, your dedicated Training Center Instructor Pilot will work with you to achieve your goal within this average timeframe through our structured, scenario-based training.

How much will I need to invest?

  • 55 hours of Flight Time: $17,875
  • 10 hours of Sim time: $1,250
  • 65 hours of Dual Flight (with Instructor): $7,800
  • 20 hours of Ground Instruction: $2,400
  • Pilot Supplies/Online Courses: $1,550
  • Approximate Total: $30,875

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does it take to get your Private Pilot License?

Our comprehensive 150-hour program goes further, ensuring you develop the safety, confidence, and decision-making skills comparable to professional airline pilots.

On average, if you’re training twice a week, our clients typically finish their training in 4-6 months.

Why get your Private Pilot License at CalAir?

CalAir Aviation is a Cirrus Platinum Training Partner (CPTP). We have met the highest standards for providing instruction to Cirrus pilots and provide lessons with the very best Training Center Instructor Pilots (TCI). Our instructors have completed the same training programs that Cirrus uses during factory flight instruction and tailor flight instruction to fit your specific needs.

How many instructors are assigned to your students?

All training is conducted one-on-one, around your schedule and at your leisure.

Do you offer financial assistance?

Sorry, we do not offer or accept grants, loans or student financing.

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