Flight Lessons

Learn to fly at SoCal’s Premier Flight School

Cirrus Certified Training Center

Fly with California’s largest fleet of all-Cirrus Gen 6 aircraft. We offer flight lessons, private pilot license training, advanced certifications, rentals, and aircraft management.

Flight Lessons

Whether you’re a beginner wanting to experience flight, or have a dream of obtaining your Private Pilot Licenses, CalAir has everything you need to succeed.

We have top notch instructors and a robust curriculum that features SoCal’s only G6 Perspective & FAA approved simulator —a huge step forward in helping students build their confidence and proficiency on the ground before taking to the skies.

Private Pilot Licenses (PPL)

With a Private Pilot certificate, you’ll be able to fly any aircraft within the US, day or night.

Our Cirrus Standardized training features interactive instructional materials that ensure you’ll acquire the same critical decision-making skills and proficiency that professional airline pilots have.

Our program generally includes 150 hours of hands on training to ensure your safety and success.

Flight Demos

Ever wondered what it’s like to soar through the skies in a top-of-the-line Cirrus G6 aircraft?

Experience flight with one of our experienced instructors. Get a tour of our facilities, an overview of our flight school programs and time in the cockpit around Los Angeles.

Experienced Instructors

At CalAir, our instructors aren’t your run-of-the-mill.

Every CalAir instructor has successfully completed a Cirrus standardized course designed explicitly for Instructors known as a TCI or Training Center Instructor. We’re experienced, professional and the best of the best.

Instructors are also required to perform bi-annual checks and training in order to teach and fly at CalAir.

Destination Lessons

Set Your location anywhere in the country and get your flight hours in while taking in breathtaking views.

We happily offer flight lessons to any destination that you might like to get the experience of flying to, all while working through your dedicated training curriculum. With the comfort, capabilities, and speed of a Cirrus – it’s an exciting benefit to have the opportunity to travel while you train.

Let’s Fly!

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