Ready for a Ski Trip? With destination-based flight training, your favorite mountains are within reach.

Looking for an exciting way to travel to your next ski trip? Look no further than flying a Cirrus aircraft! By offering destination-based flight training, our program gives you the flexibility and freedom to reach your destination in comfort and style, all while getting in your training hours.

We offer “Destination-Based Lessons” that can be tailored to meet your specific needs. During your destination lessons/training, you will have the opportunity to log flight time and gain the experience you need to fly safely and confidently. There’s also the added benefit of gaining experience flying in different climates, topography and conditions.

In addition to providing you with hands-on training and real-flight experiences, our experienced instructors will also provide you with tips and guidance on how to plan and safely fly to your destination. You will learn about flight planning, weather considerations, airport selection and a lot more…

Don’t settle for a long drive or a cumbersome airport experience. Let us know if you’re interested in trying out our Destination-Based Flight Lessons and let’s make your dreams a reality.

Your CalAir Team

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