Spring Time Flying

Hi Everyone!

Hope you’re as excited as we are that spring is officially here! Out of the rainy season and into longer days—it means more flying for us all! While you’re pondering the warmer weather, keep in mind that we’re here to help you reach your summer aviation goals, too. Maybe you’d love to take that cross-country trip you’ve been thinking about in one of our newest Cirrus aircraft? We’ll make it happen together!

Simulator Training is in Full Effect

It’s been a couple of weeks since we’ve got our FAA-approved BATD (Basic Aviation Training Device) in the door, and we’re loving it! With the tactile realism and functionality of the actual GCU installed, it’s turning out to be an amazing tool for us all! TCI Mike Whitlow is doing a wonderful job heading up our sim training and diligently working everyone through proper SOP’s, IFR approaches, and even working through CAPS pulls! It’s actually a lot of fun and really high-quality training. Call us today to see how sim training can make you a sharper pilot!

Say Hi to Some of Our new TCI’s!

We’re excited to introduce to you a few new TCI’s for you all to work with. We aim to ensure that our CFI’s deliver a great customer experience—just as much as they are professional pilots. And these individuals are just that!

John Malsbury – CFII, CFI. John also works at Space X and actually heads up their flying club!

Chris Goff – CFII, CFI. By profession is a product development engineer in his normal day-to-day, but flies and instructs on the side—now with us—to share his passion for flying! Stop in and welcome them to CalAir, if you get the chance, you’ll certainly see them around!

Happy Flying!
Team CalAir

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