CalAir Newsletter June 2020 – CalAir’s Covid Response

Greetings CalAir subscribers! It has been quite a while since we’ve last checked in and had much to share. That said, we’re still here and kicking, and have been the entire time. We’ve been hanging out on the sidelines, if you will, while we all figure out how to digest and move forward from so much evolving change in our world today.

As we all get back to whatever the new normal will be, we’d like to take a moment to let you all know how we at CalAir are responding and plan to move forward as safe, practical, and conscious as possible.

First, we’ll be doing all of the new typical things that we can. Meaning we’ll be providing sanitizer at the office for use before and after flights or lessons and the Jet Center is doing a great job at keeping the FBO tidy with nightly cleanings.

For your safety and peace of mind, all inside touch surfaces and controls in all aircraft are sanitized by using UV lights that kill viruses and bacteria. We will be UV wand-ing down and treating the interiors once a week along with our normal weekly cleaning of the aircraft. This will then be reflected on a cleaning schedule sheet that we’ll be adding to the aircraft books so you all can see front and center when the aircraft was last treated. This appears to be the safest way to take extra steps to ensure all of our pilots have safe, clean, and sanitized aircraft.

It’s here that we’ll add the shameless reminder that ultimately only you can assure your own safety for your health, whether that’s coming in to fly or elsewhere. Our efforts to ensure that our fleet and offices are as sanitized as possible can never take precedent over your own care for yourself. Please continue to follow all recommended procedures for your own safety and make sure to stay home, now more than ever, if you aren’t feeling well or have any symptoms.

We sincerely hope each and every one of you are doing well, maintaining some level of sanity through all of this, and look forward to seeing you all very soon! We’ll be here to fist bump, wi-five (that’s a wireless high-five in case you’re not in the loop), or god willing shake hands with a warm greeting when you’re ready to get back in!

Ready to Fly Again!

Team CalAir

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