Step Inside the Ultimate Cirrus Training Experience — our All-New Flight Simulator!

Great news! We’ve made major upgrades to our Simulator, and we’re thrilled to share that it’s now designated by the FAA as an Advanced Training Device (AATD). Hands down, the best replica of a Cirrus cockpit available!

Our new Simulator boasts:

  • Panoramic 270° view with three 65″ screens
  • Enhanced graphics for a lifelike experience
  • Genuine Garmin software for intuitive operation
  • CAPS simulator – yes, we can now practice CAPS pulls together!

Our new Advanced Training Device (AATD) status unlocks more training possibilities:

  • Count 20 hrs towards Instrument Rating (IFR) certification
  • Conduct full Instrument Proficiency Checks (IPCs)
  • Master all VFR maneuvers, even pattern work

We’re thrilled to offer this enhanced flight simulator training for our Cirrus pilots.

Got questions? Reach out! Eagerly waiting to get those CAPS pulls going with you.

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