Top Tips for Flying

Here are some tips and tricks to help make each journey more comfortable and successful. Although you likely have some of your own must-do’s, we’re sharing some of our favorites.

Plan for the weather at your destination – just as we all look up the weather to plan what to pack when we jump on a commercial flight, you should do the same on your local flights too. When departing KHHR in a Cirrus, in as little as 30 minutes, you can find yourself landing in the local mountains in completely different weather. There have been many pilots wondering why the heck they didn’t bring a small jacket when landing at Big Bear or why they didn’t bring a pair of shorts when landing in Havasu. Even if you’re planning a quick turnaround, these simple items can go a long way.

Pack a flashlight – there are definitely flights and situations when night won’t creep up on you. However, in situations when it might or in fact, does, it’ll be an “SMH” moment when you don’t have a light. Our phones work OK in a pinch, but a small light you can hold with your mouth to check oil, sump fuel, or perform other tasks will be much more useful. There’s nothing worse than trying to awkwardly prop your phone up, so the light works how you need it to at the moment and it falling over, adding “get screen fixed” to tomorrow’s errands.

Stay flexible and resourceful – even when you think you’ve planned everything to a tee, let’s be honest, this is aviation. Weather is ever-changing, things can easily be forgotten, and maintenance can disrupt flights anytime it wants. Making sure you bring along a credit card, research local hotels and things to do as part of your pre-flight, and make a contingency plan for how to get to your destination. Go with the flow when things happen, never force a flight, and enjoy the journey.

Every flight has its own considerations and needs that will ultimately control what will ensure that you arrive prepared and comfortable.

Cheers to a comfortable and safe journey.

Your CalAir Team

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