Why Los Angeles is the Perfect Place to Learn to Fly ☀️

Though Los Angeles is famous for its Hollywood glamor and beautiful beaches, few realize it is the ideal place to learn how to fly.

Here’s why:

  • Great Weather: LA’s sunny climate means you can fly year-round, giving you plenty of opportunities to log flight hours with clear skies. And when LA does have weather, it’s the kind that will keep your IFR skills sharp and proper.
  • Diverse Airspace: Training in LA’s complex airspace will help you become a competent, confident pilot—no matter where you fly. Learning to fly in LA’s airspace is an asset in and of itself.
  • Varying Geography: Easily within the capabilities of the Cirrus, a short flight departing LA can place you in coastal areas, mountainous terrain, hot and windy deserts, or even across the US border. With such an array of experience available to LA-based student pilots, you’re ready to explore after tackling these locations with a CFI.
  • Stunning Views: From the Pacific Ocean to the city skyline to the mountains that line the LA basin, the views from the cockpit are simply unbeatable.

Experience the thrill of flying over the City of Angels. Give us a call if you’re interested in starting lessons or renting a Cirrus aircraft.


Fly High,
Your CalAir Team

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