CalAir Newsletter December 2018 – Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

Hi again everyone, we hope you’ve all had a joyous and prosperous holiday season and have a wonderful New Year ahead. It was quite the year at CalAir and we’re thankful to have you with us to enjoy it all!

We’ve grown so much as a business and I’m really proud of our many dedicated and studious pilots. We’ve moved into our new offices, taken delivery of three new Cirrus aircraft, and even added a brand-new simulator to our training regiment, just to name a few accomplishments this year. We watched with pride as several of our students passed their check rides, other pilots added new IFR ratings to their ticket, personal hurdles and challenges were overcome, and more first solos were accomplished than we could count!

Congratulations to everyone’s 2018 aviation accomplishments and now, let’s turn our eyes to the skies to do even more in 2019! We’re committed to continually improve our programs, our training, and rental facility, and keep striving to provide you the best service that we can.

2019 – Let’s Make it Happen!

Perhaps you didn’t reach some of those aviation goals last year? Or another year slipped by that you could’ve had a pilot’s license or taken a spin in a new Cirrus (not literally obviously)? Maybe you missed out on shooting those currency approaches or did that Turbo upgrade you’ve been day-dreaming about? Don’t sweat it, 2019 brings a clean slate so let’s sit down and make it happen now!

Whether we need to work out a budget, schedule lessons months in advance to fit your busy life or help you apply for aircraft financing, we’re always here to help! Let us know whatever we can do, and together, we’ll help you through uncharted territory. We’re happy to help you overcome any roadblocks that might be preventing you from reaching your 2019 aviation goals.

SR22 Leaseback Needed Soon

As some of you may know, this year ended with a bit of a downer that our normally-aspirated SR22 is leaving us beginning next month. So now is a perfect time for anyone who’s ever considered leasing back to give us a call! Feel free to also give Ken Goble, from Cirrus Aircraft, a call and he’ll gladly discuss the benefits of leasing back a new SR22 with CalAir. He knows how well our flight line aircraft are cared for and the significant economic and tax advantages that you can enjoy by having CalAir manage your leaseback.

Have a Happy and Safe New Year! I look forward to seeing you all in 2019!


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