CalAir Newsletter December 2019 – Success Stories

Happy Holidays Everyone!

It has been a fun and very successful year for CalAir and for a lot of you all. We’re elated to have been able to take part in your aviation goals and needs in 2019. Onward and Upward!

Success Stories

Congrats to the following this year in joining a large list of accomplishments here at CalAir in 2019. Below is just to name a few who have joined the ranks of licensed pilots or completed additional ratings:

Eric Chadwick – IFR Rating
Bryce Salmi – PPL Rating
Jade Sheppard – PPL Rating
Sam Cordell – PPL Rating
Kirk Lee – PPL Rating
Charlie Rogers – PPL Rating
Richard Avalon – Commercial Pilot
Felix Passion – PPL Rating
Art Grantz – IFR Rating
Nikhil Sreenath – PPL Rating
Mark Vazquez – PPL Rating
Reed Thompson – PPL Rating
Ashish Patel – Commercial Pilot
Colby Jensen – IFR Rating

The list of folks that have completed their first solos or those that have completed successful VFR and Advanced Cirrus transition courses is twice as long. Great job to everyone who completed their aviation goals this year and a huge thanks to the dedicated TCI’s that made it all happen!

CalAir iExplore App Enroute!

As some of you may know, we’ve set out this year to create our own app for all of our pilots. The concept behind it is quite simple; fly and log flights using the app, earn frequent flyer points, and then redeem them toward future flying! The app will be free to download and only through the app can you receive daily deals or be able to participate in the frequent flyer rewards program.

The app is loaded with pre-planned cross country flights and missions that correspond to our Private Pilot and IFR syllabus’s and also includes Adventure missions that you can fly anytime. All pre-planned missions are worth extra points to accumulate and redeem.

The first version will only be available for iPads. Standby for another note within the next week or so that it’s ready for download! Another only, and first in LA, from CalAir.

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