CalAir Newsletter February 2019 – New Training Tech is Live!

Greetings everyone, hope you’re all staying dry, trying to, or getting some solid IFR experience over the last couple of weeks! We’ve got a few pilots that have been flying a lot over the last couple of storms, safely of course, and have shared some great moments with us. Otherwise, we’ve got a big update for you all.

CalAir is Now Operating With Online, Virtual, Integrated Syllabi!

We’ve been working hard at getting a better product out to you all as far as structure and course tracking and progress goes, and we think we’ve finally nailed it. We have integrated into our scheduler the ASA Access to Flight Private and Instrument Training courses that we use now with you all.

Now, as an enrolled student, you’ll receive an enrollment certificate, an electronic version of the entire syllabus for your records, be emailed the lesson details and homework assignments for each lesson scheduled, complete debrief one on one with your CFI in an electronic record, and be able to print and maintain your own binder of your progress and totals! Take a look at some of the sample photos in this newsletter.

As with all new products, there’s always a learning curve, so bear with us as we get up to speed in using it, but it’s a huge leap in the right direction for us all! We’ve only got PPL and IFR courses loaded, for the time being, keep an ear out for Commercial and Instructor courses soon.




Spoiler Alert – the new CalAir iExplore App is getting close to launching, stay tuned!

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