Ever considered ownership in a leaseback with CalAir? Well now’s the opportunity! Our meticulously-maintained SR20, N312AP, is for sale and we’re looking for someone to take over ownership and keep it with us here on the flight line. If you’ve ever considered leasing back, this is the best and easiest opportunity you’ll ever come across!

N312AP (actually soon to be 312AZ since the owner is keeping the tail number for his new bird) has been with CalAir for over two years and has built a solid and devoted clientele, as well as the rest of the fleet. Folks fly with CalAir because they know there’s no other option in LA that provides the best aircraft available and 312AP has helped us earn that reputation.

CalAir N312AP
Another great aspect of taking over ownership of AP is that it’s a known aircraft. No questioning what’s been done to it, what hasn’t, and why. No trying to piece together a history of the plane via logbook entries. This bird has been with CalAir from Day 1 and has been under our care continuously. As you probably know, we never defer any maintenance and keep all logs—and our aircraft—in top condition. No need to pay for a pre-buy inspection through the sales process…which frankly can be a nightmare!

Some of you have expressed interest already and sorry if we haven’t gotten back, so send us a reminder and we’ll promptly get you all the appropriate information on how a lease back works at CalAir. Also, as some of you have seen, AP is already listed on Controller, but if you’d like to make an offer or have inquiries, send it our way and we’ll pass the word along. Obviously, we know the seller!

Otherwise, thank you all for your continued patronage with us at CalAir, and stay tuned for some exciting updates this summer!

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