🪂 If For No Other Reason – Do It For Safety

There are many reasons why we choose to fly Cirrus aircrafts; the comfortable cockpit, air-conditioning, XM radio, along with the speeds and capability. Simply climbing in the cabin of a Cirrus is an incredible experience — but there is so much more at work than the pilot or student realizes, all working actively to keep them safe.

Cirrus aircrafts feature a multitude of safety features – starting with the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System, or CAPS. Then there’s our favorite safety feature, a unique wing cuff design that allows the pilot to fly with two different wings. A normal wing for the first portion of the wing starting at the root, and a separate “high lift wing” for the later part of the wing. This “high lift” wing takes effect over the ailerons, a control surface, and is highly effective even at very low airspeeds. As such, the pilot always has aileron control, even in adverse conditions, and this is why it has been dubbed a “spin resistant wing.”

It is for these forward-thinking and ingenues ideas that we stand by and only fly Cirrus aircraft.

If you’d like to learn more about Cirrus aircrafts or come take flight, contact us at (310) 846-9002.

Cheers to a comfortable and safe journey together.

Your CalAir Team

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