Based at Hawthorne Airport (KHHR), CalAir has the only all-Cirrus fleet available in Southern California. We specialize in initial flight training, advanced certificates, instrument, and Commercial training using Cirrus standardized training materials and curricula. We offer a supportive, friendly, and passionate staff of professional instructors who are dedicated to students’ successful achievement of their goals.
CalAir Discovery Experience

Introductory Flight Lessons

Ready to finally make that life-long dream a reality but a little gun shy or shaky on what you’re in for? Don’t sweat it! Our Introductory package is a great way to test the waters without overly committing financially.

For only $1,025, you’ll begin your flying experience in a new Cirrus SR20—one of the most modern, technologically advanced aircraft in the sky today! You’ll be guided every step of the way by our professional instructors who care about one thing: making you a safe and confident Private Pilot.

You’ll receive:

  • 2 hours of simulator training time
  • 2.5 hours of ground instruction
  • 1.5 hours of flight time in a Cirrus SR20
  • 2.5 hours of flight instruction
  • Your own flight logbook

So, stop dreaming and start flying! We’re ready to help make your dream your reality.

Terms: Only available to first time Student Pilots. Limit one course per Student Pilot. Not applicable to student pilots who have taken their first lesson at CalAir in the Private Pilot Course.

CalAir Discovery Experience

Private Pilot License

CalAir’s Cirrus Private Pilot training will have you ready to take on Los Angeles’ complex airspace with the confidence that only comes from a highly standardized curriculum taught by the most experienced flight instructors available. Our flight instructors are placed through a standardized program prior to taking to the skies with you in our Cirrus Design aircraft. Working toward your Private Pilot’s license, you’ll enjoy visiting several Southern California destinations as you progress through each phase of training to final completion.

The freedom and sense of accomplishment earning your pilot’s license is incomparable. With a Private Pilot certificate, you’ll be able to fly any aircraft within the US, day or night, with passengers, all weather permitting. In Southern California, there are literally dozens of fantastic destinations that are easily accessible within an hour of flying time.

What's so special about Cirrus Standardized training?

Our structured Cirrus scenario-based syllabi and modern, interactive instructional materials ensure that you’ll acquire the same critical decision-making skills and proficiency that professional airline pilots have.

That said, some of the most prestigious pilot training programs including the Air Force Academy, UND, Purdue, and some legacy airlines, all start their zero time cadets in Cirrus’s. If they’ve taken to the Cirrus platform for initial training, why shouldn’t you?

So how long will it take?

The national average to earn a Private License is from 65-70 hours of flight time with an additional 20 hours of dedicated ground instruction though most schools quote the unrealistic FAA minimums of 40 hours. Through CalAir’s structured, scenario-based training, your dedicated Training Center Instructor Pilot will work alongside you to achieve your goal within this time frame. While there are extenuating factors that may impact this duration, the averages tend to hold true when the student pilot makes the appropriate effort.

How much will I need to invest?

An approximate price breakdown to earn a Private License in our state of the art, technically-advanced Cirrus SR20 looks like the following:

55 hours of Flight Time: $16,775
10 hours of Sim time: $750
65 hours of Dual Flight (with Instructor): $6,175
20 hours of Ground Instruction: $1,900
Pilot Supplies/Online Courses: $350
Approximate Total: $25,950

CalAir Discovery Experience

Advanced Certification

Commercial, instrument, etc. With the addition of an Instrument Rating to your Private Pilot license, you’ll be able to take to the skies during periods of inclement weather, clouds, rain, or even Southern California’s ‘marine layer’ that affects our coast from time to time. CalAir’s Cirrus-designed, scenario-based training, and interactive learning modules, will allow you to develop the required skills to plan and fly an IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) flight whenever the elements deem necessary. An IFR-rated pilot is a statistically safer pilot, even in clear weather. Importantly, you’ll create a foundation toward a Commercial Pilot’s license, which could provide even more utility to your flying—or flying career.

CalAir’s professional instructors will guide you through the FAA requirements to successfully secure your Instrument Rating, which every student completes at their own pace.

How much will I need to invest?

While the students’ active and consistent participation is generally the most important factor to completion, normal approximate costs for an Instrument ‘add-on’ rating are as follows:

15 hours of Flight Time in Cirrus SR20 Aircraft: $4,575
10 hours Sim time: $750
25 hours of Dual Flight Instruction: $2,375
20 hours of Dual Ground Instruction: $1,900
Approximate Total: $9,600

CalAir Transition and Currency Courses

Transition and Currency Courses

As a Cirrus Certified Training Center with a fleet of every piston model Cirrus on our flight line, CalAir offers advanced transition and training courses from Initial Transition certification to Avionics ‘differences’ training.

Using factory designed training syllabi and SOPs, or Standard Operating Procedures, our transition course will make you safe, proficient, and confident to fly in Southern California’s complex airspace.

CalAir also provides required 90-day, 6-month, 12-month recurrent training, in addition to the Landing Currency courses designed and recommended by Cirrus.

How does renting work after a transition (or completing a license)?

All aircraft on CalAir’s flight line are available for rent once the pilot completes a Cirrus approved transition course. Approved renters are allowed to rent aircraft utilizing the online scheduler and are able to self dispatch. There is a 3hr daily minimum per every 24hr period that the renter takes the aircraft that may be waived upon prior approval.

How does CalAir’s rental prices compare to other Cirrus’s for rent?

CalAir’s pricing structure is as simple as it can be; all students and pilots are offered absolute best set pricing on a pay as you go basis. We do not employ any gimmicks or “money grabbers” in offering block rates or requiring membership fees. Our rates are highly competitive for offering only the newest available from Cirrus both in the local and national markets. Contact us for a detailed price comparison.

Is renters insurance required?

Yes. CalAir is a fully insured rental and flight training facility to the extent possible. However, what similar business’s generally withhold from the renter (or solo’ing student) is that in the event of an accident the company’s insurance policy is allowed to subrogate. We make sure that all our pilots are fully protected. 

CalAir Discovery Experience

CalAir Discovery Experience

You’ve wanted to fly for years and just didn’t know where to go, who to talk to, and WHAT it is REALLY like to fly a plane? Here’s a chance to do it all in just a couple of hours: our CalAir Cirrus Discovery Experience.

  • You’ll FLY ‘left seat’ (the Captain’s seat) of a new Cirrus SR20, one of the safest, fastest, and most technologically advanced aircraft in the skies today.
  • Your highly experienced CalAir Certified Instructor will guide you through an exhilarating takeoff and climb as you soar above Los Angeles.
  • Suddenly, the Hollywood Sign, Downtown LA, Catalina, and the Pacific Ocean are visible in every direction, as if you can touch them.
  • Bring your significant other or a friend to share in this one-of-a-kind experience!

Call now to schedule your flight today!

Terms: Only available to first time Student Pilots. Limit one course per Student Pilot. Not applicable to student pilots who have taken their first lesson at CalAir in the Private Pilot Course.

CalAir Transition and Currency Courses

Aircraft Rentals

Pick from the largest fleet of Gen 6 Cirrus aircraft in the state. Starting at $305 per hour.
Exclusive Offer


Join our CalAir Loyalty Rewards Program and for every friend you refer to CalAir who completes 10 hours of flight training or aircraft rental, you’ll be credited with:

1 full hour of flight time at the current price of any SR20 model

2 free hours of simulator time

That’s a nearly $500 value!  It’s also another great way to share your flying passion with friends and family—and fly with a buddy, too!*

*Terms: Not transferable or assignable to anyone but recipient. Cannot be exchanged for cash. You must have a completed referral form on file with CalAir. Earned credits will be applied to any current balance due or the following billing cycle. Offer only available to current or previously active pilots registered with CalAir.